112 lbs !

112 lbs !


I’m almost to my goal !

It was supposed to be 108 , but i lowered it to 105.

Might as well !!!

Since i’m 112 now , i have 7lbs left !!! 

I’m so happy !!

Body pics will be posted tonight.

Not posting.

I know i haven’t been posting much.

I’m sorry , i’ve just been focusing and school , family , my weight , and life itself.

I met this amazing guy.

I’m really happy.

So i haven’t been here because of him as well….

im 112lbs !!!!


Has been so wrong. 

Everything is just horrible.

My boyfriend lives 2,500 miles away. We haven’t talked in over a week.

I cheated on him with my ex boyfriend, that i still love and lost my virginity too.

My ex boyfriend was cheating on his girlfriend with me.

My ex boyfriend broke my heart again.

My boyfriend was cheating on me and broke up with me…

My mom will be in Japan for Thanksgiving.

I had straight A’s all of my life , i just got my first “B”

My cartilage piercing is infected.

My room flood because of the rain…

I gained back weight , I’m 122lbs.

I can’t shop on Black Friday..

My best friend isn’t even there for me anymore now that she has a boyfriend..

And too top it all off , I’m on my period…

It’s so hard holding all of this in , when it happened in one day…

I know you wouldn’t be able to do it.

Fuck this…

I might just give up on this diet thing , because it’s just not working for me…

- T….


Went from 123 , i’m now 118 ! 

Plus i’m bloated from “shark week”

So hopefully in a few days it will go down , and i’ll reach my first goal !!! :D

*Haven’t eaten for two days though.

I’m proud.*


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Finding my diet.

So I know I haven’t been posting much the last day or two…

I have been trying to focus on fasting.

However , while doing that , i discovered my diet , and what i was going to ONLY EAT , until I get to my goal weight.

Wanna know what it is ?

It’s only breakfast.

One bowl of Greek Yogurt , granola , honey , and sliced fruits.

Mixed up.

It tastes amazing , fills me up for the entire day , and made me lose 2lbs already. :)

I really love it , not only do i feel great , but seeing my weight go down  just makes it even better.

Try it out <3

- T

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The Perfect Weightless Breakfast.


If you eat breakfast , you’ll be able to make it the rest of the day without even thinking about food.

Now , you’re probably thinking “But that’s food , i don’t want to eat , i want to lose every calorie i have , i don’t need anymore.”

And you’re right. However , these foods use up more calories than they actually have. 

Just like I said in an earlier post; Negative Calorie Foods.


The perfect weightless breakfast;;

Celery , Strawberries , with Coffee.


A serving of celery contains about 5 calories. 

Your body uses about 10 calories to digest it. 


A serving of strawberries contains about 20 calories.

Your body uses about 25 calories to digest them.

On another note; Strawberries KILL cravings.


As far as coffee goes , I know it has caffeine , which makes you more active , more awake. Might even cause you to fidget , which , all in all , causes you to burn calories.

It also tastes really good.

Moral of this post:


Your body will take time digesting this food , while you workout , and do whatever you need to do. I promise you , though this breakfast doesn’t seem like much. It’s almighty.

Enjoy !